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Baking Supplies For Cookies – Making, Baking & Shipping Essentials

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Before you start your holiday baking, or even everyday baking, you need to make sure your kitchen has the supplies in it that will make this an easy and enjoyable experience. When you have the right tools, your cookies will turn out so much better and you will have such a better experience that you will want to do this again year after year.

Have you ever tried to hammer in a nail with a rock? It does work, right? The nail will get driven into the wood that you are putting it into. How much effort did it take? Did you accidentally get your fingers under the rock and smash them? Was your grip on the rock cumbersome? How long did it take to get that one nail into your board? With a good quality hammer, wouldn’t the job have gone much easier? With a good hammer you will get a nice grip, one to two hits on the nail to get it into the board, and your fingers are not under the head of the hammer!

Just like the rock and hammer, when you have the proper kitchen tools, things go so much better. You can get the job done with mediocre equipment, but it is more efficient to use good tools! When you invest in the better and proper tools, it will make your baking go smoother, easier and faster!

Who To Give Cookies To

Everyone loves getting homemade gifts and baking is one of my favorite ways to give those homemade gifts. I am not a craft person or sewer, but baking I can do! The only challenge with baking is keeping your goods from spoilage before you give them away. Unlike crafts and sewing, these items will only keep for a short period.

With these baking supplies for cookies you will be able to make, bake and preserve them to be able to ship them to family and friends. The nice thing about cookies is that you can give them anytime of the year. You do not have to limit your giving just during the holidays.

You can give for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to ease someones home sickness. A college student or someone enlisted in the armed forces could be that someone who is struggling with home sickness and cookies from home could be that little something that eases that transition for them.

Elderly people love the attention they get when you bring them a homemade gift! It lets them know they have been thought about when times are very lonely for them.

These are just a few people to give to. I am sure you can brainstorm and think of someone who needs a little love, and make them a few cookies for them to enjoy!

To help you get started and make your giving adventure a success, I have compiled a list of my favorite baking supplies that I use when baking cookies.

Tools For Making Cookie Dough

My favorite tool of all is the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It is so nice to be able to put all your ingredients into the bowl of a stand mixer, turn it on, and let the mixer do all the hard work. A lot of time, like during the creaming of butter and sugars, I will let the mixer do its job while I put together my dry ingredients. Usually my butter and sugar is done by the time I get my dry ingredients together! This is so much easier than doing it by hand, and faster than using a hand mixer.

You can find my review on several models and find out which one will fit your baking needs, here.

If you do not have the luxury of a stand mixer, you will need these products to help you make making the dough as easy as possible:

  1. A good quality hand mixer
  2. Mixing bowls
  3. Mixing spoons

Every baker should have access to these in their kitchen:

  1. Measuring spoons –  I like a good set that comes off the ring easily so that I can get it into boxes, etc.  I really like the ones that are connected by a magnet.
  2. Dry Measuring cups – You will need measuring cups for both dry and wet ingredients.
  3. Glass measuring cups – For wet ingredients.
  4. Cookie cutters – You will not use these for every type of cookie, but when you do need them they come in handy.
  5. Cookie Scoop –  A scoop will help keep your cookies all the same size so that they will all bake at the same time and rate.

Tools For Baking Cookies

You can have the best recipe in the world, make the best dough, then ruin it all during the baking! I have done just that with cheap baking sheets. My first batch would come out looking nice till I took them off the sheets and the bottoms would be burned! My next batch, I would bake a little less, and then the cookies would be under cooked. It was a no win situation!

This is a well seasoned stone.

So, I invested in baking stones. Wow! I was amazed at the difference. No more burned cookies. No more under done cookies. I finally got perfect cookies that consisted of a crunchy outer rim and chewy middles.

Clean up for stones is great too! After your stone is seasoned well, a little soap and a flat scrubber will get any leftover cookie off in a jiffy.











Recommended baking tools:

  1. Baking stones
  2. Cooling racks – I love my large racks.  I use to have some of the smaller, flimsy ones, but these work so much better!
  3. Flat spatulas – Flat metal spatulas help slide your cookies off your stone.

Shipping Supplies

After you have the perfect recipe and have made the best dough, then baked the perfect cookie, you will want to make sure your prize winning cookies arrive in pristine condition to family and friends. Here you will find my article on exactly how to ship your cookies so that they do not break and will arrive as fresh as possible.

In the meantime, make sure you have these supplies on hand before the baking begins. You do not want your cookies to go stale because you do not have the items you need for shipping. Package your cookies as soon as they are cooled.

  1. Air tight containers – These are a must when shipping cookies.  I have found that those decorative tins are not that air tight and can cause your cookies to go stale.
  2. Bubble wrap – You will need a lot!
  3. Parchment paper
  4. Shipping boxes
  5. Packaging tape
  6. Address labels


Great cookies require the correct tools to make them. Do not do like I did and waste ingredients and time by having the wrong tools to work with. Make sure your kitchen is up to date!

Here are some cookie recipes to get you started:

Easy Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies

Fruit Cookie Bars

Large Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Almond Cookie

What are some of your favorite tools to work with in the kitchen, especially when baking cookies? I would love to hear about your favorites in the comment section below!

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