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How To Cook A Perfect Boiled Egg – Easy Peeling Method and Timings

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These eggs were laid by Araucana chickens. They lay brown and blue green colored eggs.


How disappointing is it to want to take a nice looking tray of deviled eggs to a pot luck but when you go to peel them, half the egg  is stuck to the shells and what is left is way too thin to make a beautiful presentation?  There were many times I ended up feeding my family the “ugly” eggs and then having to boil more to get a good dozen to take to a party.  After we started raising our own chickens and getting fresh eggs, I just gave up and didn’t even try!

I have searched and experimented with different methods on how to cook a perfect boiled egg, and now I only use this one.  It has NEVER failed on me, even with our own fresh, just days old, chicken eggs.  Once again, I am excited about boiling eggs and having a beautiful smooth egg after peeling.

How To Cook A Perfect Boiled Egg

Items needed:

  • Sauce pan – large enough to hold as many eggs that you need.
  • Water – enough to cover eggs in saucepan
  • Baking Soda – about 1 tablespoon
  • Eggs – as many as needed.
  • Large serving spoon

Step #1:

Bring water to a rolling boil – must be a rolling boil! Then add in baking soda. 









Step #2:

With a large serving spoon (I used one with holes) gently put eggs into the boiling water.  Set timer to the desired doneness of the egg.










Step #3:

Take the eggs out of boiling water and put in a cold ice water bath. This stops the cooking process. When cool enough to handle – peel.

A perfect, smooth and shiny egg!
















How Long To Cook Eggs?

Now that you know how to get the perfect, smooth and shiny, peeled egg, you need to know the correct times to cook your egg.  I like an egg that is not hard cooked but not runny either.  I call this a medium soft egg.  Everyone likes their eggs done in a different way, so I hope these examples will help you get what you want.

These times are done with the method above. These times are different than times done traditionally when putting the egg into water first and bringing it to a boil then starting the timer.

Five Minute Egg – Soft boiled:  Soft boiled eggs, boiled for 5 minutes,  have runny yolks when they are cut opened.

5 – Minute Egg







Seven and Nine Minute Eggs – Medium Boiled:  Medium boiled eggs are not runny when cut opened.  They have a very moist center with light yellow cooked egg yolk on the edges.  The 7-minute eggs have less yellow than the 9-minute eggs.

7 Minute Egg

9-Minute Egg








Twelve Minute Egg – Hard Boiled: Hard boiled eggs are a light yellow all the way through.  No orange or wet egg will be visible.  Hard boiled eggs are good for making deviled eggs and egg salad.

12-Minute Egg







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Have you ever tried this method before?  Did it work for you? If you haven’t, will you try it?  I would love to hear your answers to these questions as well hear any other questions, suggestions or comments you may have.  You are encouraged to put them into the comment section below.

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