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Smothered Chicken Breast Recipe – Monterray Jack Cheese, Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms

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If you are following one of the popular diets right now, like keto, THM (Trim Healthy Mama), Atkins, or any high protein low carb diet, this meal will be one of your favorites. Not only is it high in protein and low in carbs, but it is healthy because you get in so many needed vegetables!

I know my family will get the vegetables they need when I serve this because it is topped or smothered, with peppers, onions and mushrooms. I love it when the colored peppers come on sale. I usually buy a red, yellow and orange one and it makes this dish so pretty!

Usually I serve this with at least two other types of vegetables as sides. If you are not worried about carbs, you could serve it with a side of rice or potato too!

If mushrooms and peppers, and onions are not the kind of veggies you like, you can feel free to do any kind that you and your family will enjoy.

Smothered Chicken Breast Recipe


4 lbs. boneless, skinless, chicken breast
Seasoning for chicken – I use McCormick’s Garlic and Herb seasoning, or you could use salt and pepper or your favorite poultry seasoning.
1 large onion – sliced
1 each – red, yellow, and orange bell pepper – sliced
16 oz. sliced mushrooms – any variety
Oil for sautéing
2 lbs. Monterey Jack Cheese – grated




  1. Starting at the thick end of the chicken breast, slice long ways through to the small end, cutting the breast in half. Then cut each half in half, making small quarters of chicken breast. This helps the chicken to cook faster, and make it go further. I have to do that with my large family! If you want to leave the chicken breast in halves that is fine, but if you leave it in whole pieces, you will have to increase your baking time.

    Slice starting at the thick end of chicken.

    Cut halves in half creating quarters.

    Place halved and quartered chicken in a baking dish.

Seasoned chicken.


Liberally season chicken well and put into a two baking dishes.





Put into a 350 degree preheated oven for 30 minutes.




While chicken is baking, put cut up vegetables into a large skillet with hot oil. Sautéed vegetables till they are crisp tender.

Vegetables cooked in a cast iron skillet.


Grate cheese and put in a bowl till ready to use.

Grated Monterey Jack Cheese.







After chicken has baked for 30 minutes, top with grated cheese first then cooked vegetables.

Chicken topped with cheese.

Chicken topped with vegetables on top of cheese.

Put back into oven for 5 minutes till cheese is completely melted.







What kind of vegetables do you and your family enjoy? I am always open to suggestions so that I can change things up a bit. Let me know what you use in the comment section below!



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