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Start A Home Busines Online – With A Black Friday Special!

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This year went by fast! Black Friday is just days away. People are gearing up for some fantastic sales, starting their Christmas shopping, and having a great holiday of gift-giving. But, what about the rest of the year? Are they thinking about how to pay off those gifts they bought? Are they growing in debt instead of paying it off?

How would it feel to be able to buy all the Christmas gifts you want without the debt? You can do this if you start a home business online and start making enough income for the gifts, plus you will have the opportunity to make enough income to retire and work from home full time.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that helps train and walks you through owning, creating and maintaining your own website. It generates a passive income year after year. All with the help of others who have successfully done this themselves!

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich scheme. It is an actual business that will take hard work and dedication on your part. If you are looking for an “instant” income, this is not the place for you. Starting a business takes time, work and dedication. If you are willing to do those three things, keep reading! I have a wonderful discount for you to take advantage of this Black Friday!

What Wealthy Affiliate Offers

Chose Any Niche – You are free to choose any subject for a website you want! You can choose anything from crafting, pets, food, business, health, sports, the ideas are endless! Choose something that interests you and something you have knowledge about. Imagine working every day with the thing that interests you the most!

Training – This is one of my favorite things about Wealthy Affiliate. The training is awesome! There are lessons on how to build, own, and maintain your website as well as how to generate income from them. The lessons are easy to understand, including written and video. There are tasks to finish after each lesson and these tasks are geared to creating money on your website. It took me approximately 3 months to finish all the lessons, but you are free to work on them at your own pace.

Live Video Training – Each week there is a live video training geared to one subject. If you have any questions at all, you are able to ask an experienced and knowledgeable person – live.

Affiliate Programs Platform – You can take advantage of programs offered through your membership.

Site Comments – Helping out someone else by posting comments on their website gives you points to use to ask for others to add comments to yours. This is very important to get Google to index your website.

Free 7 days to try it out! – There is no harassment, no pushy advertisements to join Wealthy Affiliate. You have 7 days to try it out and see if this is for you. You have nothing to lose!

No Experience Needed – WA is for everyone! Those who know how to build a website all the way to those like myself, who had no clue how to start.

Much more – This is just a sampling of what WA offers.

My Story

I am a stay at home mom, who has not been in the workforce for over 30 years. I decided a long time ago to raise my kids myself and to home school them. I had always wanted to have a restaurant, but between the cost of starting a business and having seven children that I was homeschooling,  owning a business was not realistic.

Now that four of my children are grown, and have graduated from our home school, I actually have a few hours during the day to myself. Since I have 3 children that I am still educating, leaving the home to work is not an option, but I wanted to fill those few hours during the day with some sort of money-making business. That is how Wealthy Affiliate has helped!

  • I am staying at home and working while my kids are doing their school work.
  • I received training for something I knew nothing about and I am still learning!
  • I am able to work as long as I want on my own time.
  • I am seeing something “I” have created come to life and create an income. Such a great feeling!
  • I have a place to go anytime I have a question, need information, or encouragement.
  • I have met a lot of great people and have made many new friends.

Black Friday Special!!

This weekend ONLY, Black Friday, November 29th – Cyber Monday, December 2nd, 2019, you will have the opportunity to save big on membership! Don’t miss out on this once a year opportunity. Follow my link and start your free trial period to see if this is for you. But, don’t delay in making your decision because, after Cyber Monday, you will not see this deal again until next year.


For those who purchase their membership during this Black Friday Special, you will receive these “never seen before” bonuses!

  • The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020 – Kyle goes AMA (Ask Me anything) – Live Class
  • Building an incredible Internet Business in 2020 – The Whitepaper
  • Creating a thriving Authority Website in 2020 (5 weeks of live training).
  • Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (yearly members only).

Act Now!

If you have ever wanted to own your own website and generate income from it, now is the time! Don’t miss out on this special weekend pricing and some great bonuses! If you join this weekend, I will be there to help you get oriented as well as answer any questions you may have. Come join the Wealthy Affiliate family today!

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